Day 5: Czech Stop for the night in tent

First hour in the morning we spent some time between the restaurant and the hotel trying to connect to WI-FI. They kept sending us forth and back. I was quite relaxed regarding the situation as I was thinking that what was waiting for us on the road to Mongolia it is going to be much more interesting. In the end I understood from a tourist that I was supposed to pay a 5 euro tax in order to connect to the network.

We had a quick breakfast at the restaurant and after we headed towards Klenova.

Marcel lead us on some local roads on the way to second checkpoint and we realized that we took a very good decision to spend more time there because Bodiam Castle was kicking the ass of Klenova.

After a ride off road we arrived at the Mongol Rally camping. We installed the tents because we were going to spend the second night with them and we continued to socialize with the teams that we already got to know a bit.

There is an option in Mongol Rally to either start in London or in Prague. The most important thing is to get to at least one of these two points.

In Klenova we met Ramona and Andreea (Fire Fairies) and they became nostalgic about their experience in the rally.

After we got a shot of absinthe we headed towards the castle and after a couple of hours we were like a tape repeating, “Hi guys, are you going through Romania? Do you know about the party in Sibiu and Mamaia? Here is a map :)”. We promoted the parties in Romania and we offered some leaflets with Romania and the Fortified Churches. The party at the castle and the location itself underneath Bodiam were such an extra point for us.

We partied till morning and we got Naren from the Ziba Express team as a new friend.

When we went to sleep around 4 a.m. we observed that it was so cold outside that we put on us all the clothing and entered the tent.

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