Day 14: A Day in Tbilisi and the Separation from Nico!

We spent the entire day walking in Tbilisi. We already knew it was going to be a long day so we woke up as late as the checkout permitted us, we arrange the luggage and we let Yurty rest in the parking lot of the hotel.

We headed first towards the cable car as we saw it the previous day. We were not sure where it heads us. We stopped in a Turkish restaurant with carpets and domes and it has a nice view on the river that crosses the Georgian capital. Unfortunately the Wi-Fi connection was not working here. Actually luckily because we are really boring when we have access to Internet.

We arrived at the cable car but we needed to turn back because we needed Georgian currency (Lari). Card payments are not processed there. We climbed a heel with a view on the city, we were mesmerized by the view and we get dusty trying to see some ruins. We decided to turn back on foot.

Then we had a really long and enjoyable walk in the city, we got lost on some streets, we discovered how happy was Razvan when he found an energizer in a shop (apparently this drink is not so easy available there).

We headed to the funicular to reach another heel. The railway left us on a plateau from where we could admire the city underneath us. Amazing! We tried the entertainment park again for a couple of hours. Here, on top of the heel they constructed a big amusement park. Children together with grown people run among trees and eat ice cream, playing together and win prizes. And just because

Nico loves the big wheels we tried this one as well.

We had the dinner at a high altitude at one of the most beautiful restaurants in Tbilisi and without too much enthusiasm we had to go back at the nightfall.

We ended up choosing the worst location for coffee in the city center. It was a kind of Starbucks francize where nothing had to do with Starbucks. The coffee was really bad, the service disappointing, the prices were high and so we are not recommending it to you!

We went back to Yurty and headed towards the airport to drop Nico. It was really difficult to let her go but we promised to meet soon.

From the airport to headed to Baku. At Azera custom a guardian asked me to leave the car and enter a gate while Razvan was driving the custom by car. After we talked for a long time I find myself on a corridor going straight to Azerbaijan. I said ok but where is Razvan. I soon discovered that a custom officer was calling for me “Andrei”. I head back again to Azera to find Razvan and Yurty surrounded by officers who were laughing thoroughly. It looks like all is good. They were checking our photos on the camera and were asking about Nico saying that she is “Haraso”. In the end we left a message on Yurty in Azera “Nico, welcome to Azerbaijan”.

The next 600 km through Azerbaijan were on roads under construction, as the ones for the rest of this country. We end this day in a gas station close to Baku, in a very hot morning, really tired and without sleeping for 24 hours. Actually we did not stop here too long but here we had the first problem with Yurty on our way.

Because of the drifting we got an issue with the tires. So we had to fix the direction issues and to change the rubbers. We headed to Baku to fix all this.

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